Thursday, September 11, 2014


 Woke up to clear weather....... for now haha. I rode about 20 miles on some farm roads through endless fields of corn. Got back on Highway and headed west. It was beautiful out in the Great Plains.... just nothing for miles and miles, which was nice. After Hours of riding in a straight line, the sky starting looking a little suspect. I pulled off the highway and checked the weather.... Heavy rain, wind, lightning, and hail ahead.... rad. I put on the rain gear I got from Corey in NY, covered up my bags and gear, and went. It sucked. I rode about 80 miles in horrible weather, got rained on, blown around, and hailed on, which hurts real bad at 60mph. I finally made it to Rapid City, and the sky cleared up. Thanks to the rain gear, only my boots and gloves were wet. I pulled the rain gear off and rode into Custer City and found a campsite near Crazy Horse. I put my boots and gloves next to the campfire and tried to warm up.

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