Thursday, September 11, 2014


It dropped to 44 over the night, good thing I have a good sleeping bag, cause it was damn cold!!!! I packed up and rode to the Crazy Horse Memorial. The visitor center was really cool. A ton of information on the mountain, the area, and the history of the Black Hills. The Crazy Horse carved into the mountain was pretty incredible. It was started 60 years ago, and isn't expected to be finished for another 60-65 years. I took the bus ride down to the base of the mountain, and got a better view.
 Thanks to some suggestions from my buddy Andy, I rode to Sylvan Lake and had some lunch. Then rode back down to Custer City, and up Iron Mountain Road to Keystone, which was an amazing ride!!
 Right outside of Mt. Rushmore, I got pulled over for going 51 ina 35mph zone..... oops. He was pretty cool, and once I explained that I was traveling the country, he told me to slow down and let me go. The 3rd time I've avoided a ticket so far!
 Mt. Rushmore was incredible!! There was a ton of cool info on the history and story of the sculpture. I walked around there for a couple hours, until it started getting dark. I rode back north to Deadwood and got a motel room, since I froze my ass off the night before! I stopped at an old cemetary to see Wild Bill Hickok's grave!

   ^ Sylvan Lake.

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