Saturday, September 20, 2014


 I rode about 30 miles to Crater Of The Moon National Park. There is a campground, and a 7 mile loop that takes you around the whole park. As far as you can see is miles of lava rock. It really does look like you're on another planet. There was a few places to park, and read about the area, hike, and check out lava tube caves. I spent a couple hours riding around the park, before heading west towards Boise. It was about a 200 mile ride through hills and farms. I'm glad I stayed off the main highway, much nicer ride!
 I got into Boise and rode to Devotion Tattoo, saw a bunch of my friends and hung out for a few. I  went back to Weston and Nicoles to unload all my crap off my bike. A couple people showed up from Salt Lake to stay at Westons for the night as well, So we all rode out to Dinner, then to Phil's house. I pulled my exhaust pipe off at Phil's, it had been leaking for awhile now. I figured it was the exhaust gasket.... but it was worse. The head of the pipe, that goes into the motor was broken. Phil looks in the corner of his shop, and pulls out the exact same exhaust that I have, but almost brand new! We called a buddy (who the pipe belongs too), worked out a deal, and put it on my bike. It ran soooo much better!!!

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